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Touch me!

You know this! You need a new couch, sofa, living landscape. So you measure the room and go to the furniture store or search online. Wow, yes I found nice things, but no shit it won't fit.


Too short, too long, too wide. Alternatively there were the craftsmen around the corner if they still exist or the couch which is not optimal but fits into the room. This can have an end when you decide to buy a product from our assortment. So we went on the search for classic cabinetmakers and found what we were looking for.

We have ultramodern workshops with all the machines necessary for woodworking, upholstery and leather processing and employees with a solid education in furniture construction, we manufacture your very individual piece of furniture for you. The sofas, corner couches or entire living landscapes are designed and styled by ourselves in Germany.


This means that every piece of seating furniture and every bed is individually handmade for you in the classic style.

For example, if the classic length of a sofa is 210 cm, but you want a length of 235 cm or only 190 cm, no problem. Since the underframe is handmade, we can adapt the length to your wishes. The color or color combinations are very, very varied. We give you a lot to choose from but also here, please feel free to choose a color combination of your choice.

All products used by us are free of harmful substances and meet the highest usage properties and quality criteria, especially when it comes to natural leather. In addition, we offer an integrated LED underbody lighting, radio or Bluetooth speakers, USB charger or even integrated self-cooling bottle and drink holders in the couch.

Farben und Optionen

You decide - we realize.

You see the prices and we think it is a very balanced price-performance ratio. If your desired couch is bigger than offered, it will be a bit more expensive because more material is used, if the couch will be smaller than offered, it will be cheaper because less material is used. There are no custom-made price surcharges!

Feel free to contact us and tell us your desired model, additional accessories and your desired dimensions. We will confirm the feasibility and make you a price offer. Confirm us this will be produced and the model you want will be delivered 6 weeks later to your living room.

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Egal ob Produktanfragen, zu Farben, zu Materialien, Ihre Wunschmaße oder wo bleibt die Lieferung.
Fragen werden bei uns kostenlos beantwortet. Wir freuen uns von Ihnen zu hören!

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